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Who We Are

Fueled by the Light of Christ and the dedicated support of partnering faith communities and other contributors, THRIVE Peninsula ministers to the physical, economic, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of our neighbors. Addressing both essential living needs (e.g., food, housing, utilities) and the unique crises affecting each person, this volunteer-driven coalition helps coordinate community resources for a tailored, integrated response.

With comprehensive budget education among its core (no cost) services, THRIVE strives to encourage people to be active participants in the resolution of their present plight and the plan for long-term financial stability. Formerly known as Denbigh United Christian Outreach (DUCO – est. 1973), present-day THRIVE Peninsula remains among the most long-standing outreach services of its kind in its local community. How humbling to witness and be a part of seeing thriving families create a thriving community!



A united Peninsula faith community, partnering with community resources, to help those most in need resolve their immediate crises and lead lives of more faithful stewardship.


To Encourage, Educate and Empower our Peninsula neighbors in need toward transformed and self-sustaining lives.

What We Do


  • Provide emergency food and financial aid to eligible individuals and families
  • Motivate, mentor and equip people to participate in the resolution of their financial hardships
  • Advocate cooperation between people and creditors
  • Refer to appropriate supportive resources
  • Lead a collaboration of Peninsula faith-based organizations and other contributors to accomplish these goals